Thomas Electric is an award winning Canadian electrical contracting company that services the Greater Toronto Area and Peterborough in the province of Ontario. Our team of well trained electricians and electrical consultants will ensure that your electrical installations meet or exceed all established electrical standards and codes. When we install your electrical systems, the job will be done right, looks right and works right!

We have provided electrical installations, maintenance, repairs and upgrades to clients throughout the province of Ontario for over 10 years. Our electrical installations can be found in apartment buildings, factories, homes, hotels, libraries, malls, offices, restaurants and schools. No matter what type of building you have, our quality electrical work will ensure your safety and the efficient operation of your business or home.

Many electrical panels installed in older homes and commercial buildings were not designed to handle the electrical load that are placed on them today. Between electrical appliances, computers, TVs, lights and other devices, the demand on your electrical panel is much greater now than before. The electrical demand of your electronics and electrical equipments may pose an increase risk of initiating an electrical fire. However, Thomas Electric can help you bring your electrical wiring up to date through our free inspection of your current electrical installation. Where there are defects in your electrical installation, we will provide you with an estimate for any work that may be required to update your electrical infrastructure to meet your growing electrical demand or provincial electrical standard.


When you hire Thomas Electric, a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC), you will avoid those small electrical infrastructure mistakes. Only a Licensed Electrical Contractor is legally authorized to perform electrical work for hire in Ontario. Do not put your employees, family or loved ones at risk!

With Thomas Electric, you are getting an Electrical Contractor that is:


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